INNOVA LUXURY GROUP responsibly manufactures under its company-owned factory. Its vertical integration allows for complete oversight and control of its sustainable processes. The company maintains a zero-waste policy and has developed a closed-loop recycling process, in which styrofoam and plastic material is collected from U.S. retail customers. The program collects the polystyrene out of U.S. landfills and gives the material a new life. Each month, the company diverts truckloads of packaging material, coolers, and EPS Food Service containers from being dumped into U.S. landfills each month. The recycled material is then converted into mouldings used in the production of mirrors, picture frames, and wall décor.

INNOVA LUXURY GROUP continuously makes a conscious effort to preserve the Earth through reducing its consumption of energy and water, minimizing waste, and creating a healthier, more efficient factory environment.