INNOVA LUXURY GROUP designs and produces furniture and décor for leading hotels across the world. Through its full-service hospitality division, INNOVA LUXURY GROUP works with boutique and corporate hotel design representatives, and facilitates the entire process of conceptualization, development and production. Each project is monitored by a dedicated project management team. INNOVA LUXURY GROUP delivers contract-grade products to the door, ready for your grand opening.

INNOVA LUXURY GROUP’s custom in-room product portfolio includes upholstered seating and benches, framed bed sets, mirrors, wall and accent décor, and specialty case goods such as headboards, nightstands, media consoles, dressers, desks, tables, and vanity bases.

INNVOA LUXURY GROUP’S hospitality division strives to deliver innovation with its broad range of product categories and development capabilities. Our hospitality division sells product that meets codes and various requirements pertaining to the contract environment. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products in the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors.